Why taking photos is so Important…

Do you take many photos? Of yourself with your family and friends? They might not seem so special at the time, but give it a few years and they become priceless. 

This year marks the 21st anniversary of my Nan ‘leaving the party’. My mum said that when she was a young girl, if the family went to a party (which was a regular occurrence!) my Nan would say to her “don’t say goodbye, it will break up the party” and that’s exactly what she did when it was her time to go.

I was 22 when my nan passed away. She was 70, and still worked part time as a receptionist.

It was a Friday after work and she was in the car park saying goodbye to her collogues, laughing and joking as always…then she hit the floor. The doctor said that she wouldn’t have known what had hit her when she had a heart attack, which was always a comforting thought at least. For us though, to have her hear one minute and gone the next was the toughest things to get our heads around. 

 I feel like the silver lining to loss is that when we move through it, we get stronger.

It wasn’t until Nan passed that I really gave much thought to life, the universe and everything. It wasn’t until she passed that I got confident in following my heart and intuition, rather than going to her for guidance. It wasn’t until she passed away that I know just how strong I could be. 

The photos are from my 21st birthday in March 2000, and the only photos I really have of us as a family around that time. So grateful to have them, and actually I only really became reunited with them when we went through my Dads old photos when he passed away this year. Photos photos – take MORE photos. They literally become priceless over time and keep the magic of life alive. Make sure your face is in them!!!