Don’t be afraid to be you to the full!

How accepting who you are and showing up as your true self can not only be liberating but can help to ease imposter syndrome and comparisionitus.

Imposter syndrome is a right bastard. Feeling like you’re not good enough, skilled enough or worthy enough in either life or business is a horrible feeling. I’ve dipped in and out of feelings of not enoughness throughout my photography career and occasionally in my personal life.

The good thing is, that since I’ve started to focus more on my own lane, my own qualities, skillset, mission and how I do things differently, I’m spending less time looking at what everyone else is doing and more time embracing what makes me different.

Feeling like I wasn’t as professional/skilled/talented (fill in the blank) as other photographers has been something I’ve dipped in and out of ever since I started taking photos as a teen. But now I’m focusing more on what I can do than what I can’t.

So, have a think about it, what’s your superpower?

We all have one. Figuring out how you do things differently to the next person is not only empowering but it can give you great clarity on what your mission and your message is.

Questions you can ask yourself to work this out are;

Why do you do what you do? What’s your story? How did you begin?

What are your hobbies, interests, what gets you excited for life?

What compliments have people given you in the past on your character? 

So for me, my superpower is being very empathetic and having a real passion for people from all walks of life.

I really see people, deep down inside and I accept them for who are at their core.

I feel this is a great superpower to have as a people photographer, because I really want to capture people’s true nature. The light in their heart, and the twinkle in their eye. 

If I hated people, was closed minded and judgmental – I’d DEFINITELY be in the wrong profession!!!

So why do you love what you do? How do you do it in your own way? 

“It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it. That’s what gets results”

Another great way to squish the self-doubt is to gather testimonials from your clients. Not only are these amazing to share with your audience and future clients, but it’s a great confidence boost and real insight into why people like what you do and how you do it.

So these days, I try my best to stay in my own lane. To focus on how I can be the best version of myself and not give much thought to how everyone else is doing things.

I can only be me, and you can only be you.

If we focus on that then our confidence will grow and our ability to serve our ideal clients in the best way can only get better.