Be You

Brand Personality Services

Brand  personality photography that helps you to stand out and be confident in your business, by creating scroll stopping images that attract your ideal clients.


My Mission

My mission is to help my clients to feel confident in themselves, and in their business. Helping them to tell their unique story through images.

Do you want a collection of images that truly represent your life, your business, and your personality in a truly authentic way, but with a hint of magic?

So, what’s magic about it?

Well, my superpower is that I can see people for who they are at the core. It’s my job to get to know you and what makes you unique, so that we can create a shoot that is just right for you and produce images that showcase your business and personality beautifully.

Images that not only show your light shining brightly, but that also have something in them to stop the scroll.

A powerful image can stop people from endlessly scrolling,

and then take the time to read what you have to say.

You might be brand new in business and feel nervous about how to show up online.

You may have been in business for a while, but you’ve never invested in having your photos taken, or perhaps you have but you don’t feel like the photos truly represent you.

Or maybe you’re used to showing up online and you’ve had many a photoshoot, but you’re now looking to create images that push the boundaries of ‘normal’ business photography…

I love nothing more than getting to know my clients’ stories and then working with them to create a storyboard of ideas for their shoot.



Shoot Day

By the time your shoot day is here, we will feel like old friends. We will have been on a couple of zoom calls together to get clarity on your brand, your message, and what images you’d like us to create, together. 

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, we will pull it out on the calls together.

The most important part of it all is that these images are for YOU. To showcase YOU, and share your message with the world. There will be no badgering from me for you to show up in any way other than the way YOU want the world to see YOU. It’s time to shine and be you to the full.

Our shoot can be anything from 2 hours to 5 hours long. I know, that sounds like a crazy amount of time but when you get stuck in the time will FLY.

The more time we have, the more variety we can create and therefore the more varied content you’ll have in your back pocket.

The end result, is you having your own library of images for your website, social media and print. It doesn’t always have to be your face at the forefront either. The images we create together can be of things that you love, products that you sell, whatever you choose. We can work on a couple of locations to create a variety of images and use different settings, or times in the day.

The Be You Mission

I think the BE YOU mission has always been with me, it’s just that it’s now coming to life. If I was asked to choose one person who made the most impact on my life to date, it would be my Nan. Mum and I went to visit her for Easter when I was 3…and left 7 years later! What an incredible woman she was, and the three of us had such an incredible bond. She was one of those people who would make you feel important, and shone so brightly it gave you permission to do the same. She was funny, kind, and so much fun to be around. Life to her was about enjoyment, and not to be taken too seriously. It’s interesting, that somehow I still remained to be quite a shy person regardless of this. It was only when she had a fatal heart attack when I was 21 that I really began to question what life was all about, and step into my own power. Something that she’d taught me all along without me ever really knowing. It wasn’t until she wasn’t there anymore, that I felt called. Like it was time for me to be my own heroine in a way I suppose.

What they say

Are you ready to invest in You and attract your ideal client?

Starting from £925

All brand personality packages are inclusive of two zoom calls. A brand clarity call to get you thinking about what is it that you do differently than everyone else. What’s your message, and your why? When you’re in business for yourself sometimes it’s hard to work this out alone, so we collaborate together to pull it all out to the surface.

Then we will follow this on with a planning call to ensure that we create some scroll stopping images on the day.

Annual shoots (x4 over the year) can be purchased at a reduced rate.



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